Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Frisco Burger

This is my knock off recipe of a popular restaurant sandwich. The restaurant version has two patties, mine only has one.

You will need your burger patty. Two slices of sourdough bread. One slice of American cheese, and one slice of Swiss cheese. And the special Frisco sauce.

The sauce is simply four parts 1000 Island Dressing and three parts French Dressing. I use a tablespoon for measurement. So four Tbsp. 1000 Island and three Tbsp. French. (This is enough for a couple sandwiches.)

Cook your patty until done. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Stack in a pan the following order, butter side down bread, spread with small amount of sauce, American slice, burger patty, Swiss slice, add small amount of sauce, second bread slice butter side up. Toast the sandwich on both sides, melting cheese.

**Add a couple strips of cooked bacon if desired.
**Can also be done easily on a Panini press.
**I have seen several knock offs of this recipe. However, they are making it harder then it has to be. I worked for the restaurant that carries the Frisco Burger. I worked on the food prep position on the weekends. I made the Frisco sauce. So yes, it really is this simple.

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